Are You Eligible for Expungement?

Under specific circumstances, and depending upon the nature of your case, you may be eligible for a court order expunging (destroying) all your Brazos County and Texas arrest records, court records, and computer database records associated with a particular arrest giving you a fresh start, free of the stigma of a criminal arrest record. I’m a Bryan|College Station Expunction Attorney who can help you answer these important questions.

Non-Disclosure Seals Your Record.

If you have successfully completed a term of deferred adjudication you may be eligible for an “Order of Non-Disclosure.” I’m a board certified Brazos County expunction attorney and can discuss the possibility of obtaining your order of non-disclosure (sealing), which prohibits law enforcement agencies from releasing information relating to your case into the public domain. If your case meets specific requirements, the order of non-disclosure can keep your record secret from employers and others investigating your criminal history.

We Can Help You.

The expunction or non-disclosure of your criminal arrest record can be beneficial in your personal life and in your career. An experienced Bryan|College Station criminal defense lawyer always plans for their client’s long-term need for keeping those records confidential.

Please call to discuss the specifics of your case and the possibility of obtaining an expungement or non-disclosure order regarding your criminal arrest record. If you need a Brazos County Expunction Lawyer we can help.


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