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Criminal Lawyers Practicing in the Sweet-Spot

All Bryan-College Station criminal lawyers should experience the thrill of the reversal and remand and the order of acquittal. All criminal lawyers should experience the delight of the "not guilty" verdict as often as possible. But not all lawyers will, at last, enjoy the pleasure and security of practicing law in the sweet-spot. It's the [...]

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The Criminal Defense Lawyer as Entrepreneur

How does the criminal defense attorney maximize their professional career satisfaction and earning potential? By thinking and acting like an entrepreneur. An entrepreneurial worldview includes the development of long-term plans for business development and the implementation of those ideas. So, the sooner we adjust our worldview, the sooner we can begin taking charge of our [...]

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Thomas Dale Delay v. The State of Texas

In November 2010, former United States House Majority Leader, Tom Delay, was convicted in Travis County Texas of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. On September 19, 2013 the Texas Third Court of Appeals (COA) reversed the Delay conviction and entered an order of acquittal by a 2-1 vote. The COA ruled there was legally insufficient [...]

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On Prosecuting the Prosecutors.

Ninety-nine percent of the prosecutors I've known over my 24 years practicing law have been honest and hard-working folks. This one was not. Former Burleson County DA, Charles Sebesta, withheld material and exculpatory evidence from a capital murder defendant on trial for his life. It cost the man over 18 years of freedom. A recent [...]

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Should We Allow Our Clients to Tell Us the “Whole Truth?”

Choosing the right attorney to represent one's legal interests is often a topic of conversation, publication, and dissension among the practicing bar and folks with a drum to beat. Ward Davison and James Gill published an article in the Texas Bar Journal this month which was appropos . . . The Perfect Match. The article [...]

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Law Schools Can Do a Better Job

Law school does a horrible job preparing the aspiring young (and old) student for the vibrant practice of law. In fact, law school may do more harm than good in many respects. I've been doing some reading on how some have thought to make law school a better launching pad for attorneys-to-be. Here's the run-down [...]

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Leading the Way in a Man’s World

The profession of law continues to be a man's world . . . especially in the field of criminal defense practice. During many years at the courthouse trying criminal cases, the number of women defense lawyers I see continues to be a minority. It should not be so. Women are tough. There should be more [...]

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Lawyers Should Do No Harm!

Physicians take what is called the Hippocratic oath. "Never do harm to anyone"  is the bedrock tenet of the oath. In other words, when treating a patient the foremost principle is never make the patient worse by your treatment. Lawyers should take the same oath.   William W. Taylor, III is the attorney representing Ms. [...]

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Judges: Appointed v. Elected

Following is a guest post from the capable and talented Bryce Buchmann, of "Nobody Takes Me Cereal" fame.   As Americans, we are taught from a young age that the best form of government is one that we the people elect. Citizens participate in this process by voting for president and other offices. But one [...]

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The Client and the Polygraph

Let me preface my comments by saying any Bryan-College Station criminal defense lawyer who permits their client to take a polygraph examination administered by the prosecutor's expert is bordering on malpractice. The only polygraph a client should take is one administered by a polygraph examiner hired by the criminal defense team. This makes the examiner [...]

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