As technology continues to change the world we live in,  the best Bryan-College Station criminal defense lawyers are also learning to use new methods of persuasion in the courtroom. As slide shows, video presentations, and digital evidence become increasingly common in trial practice, defense lawyers of the twenty-first century are keeping current and up-to-date with the latest technology. Old fashioned persuasion through logical jury appeals and good cross examination is certainly not in danger of obsolescence. But new high-tech devices and materials make presentations interesting, especially when trials seem to drag. Moreover, jurors are often impressed by the effective use of electronics.
During our latest Brazos County criminal defense trial we utilized several pieces of readily available technology to help present our case. A portable scanner, laptop computer, and projector helped us easily display photographs and other documents admitted into evidence. I know the jurors were thankful they could view those materials from the comfort of their seats. We simply planned ahead and scanned the materials we wanted to use that day. We placed the scanned images on a flash drive and had our laptop computer handy at counsel table. The projector (and screen) were supplied by the court, which made the presentation even more convenient.
Technology becomes more important in the courtroom since new tech allows for concise presentation of evidence. Digital pictures and video during a witness’ testimony allow jurors to become absorbed by the unfolding story. Electronic charts and graphs bring to life boring and highly technical expert information. When attorneys and witnesses handle stacks of paperwork in front of the jury they run the risk of looking unorganized. But a defense team with their visuals packed onto a 2-inch-long flash drive look organized and knowledgeable.
Mastery of technology is important for today’s Bryan|College Station criminal defense attorneys. It’s a simple question of survival in a world where the most effective trial lawyers get ahead and those stuck in the past fall behind. The criminal defense lawyers who appear to be the most intelligent, experienced, and trustworthy will often win their cases. In the twenty-first century technology is smart, efficient, and trusted.
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